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Everyday Business Leader

Feb 24, 2020

It truly is an inside job, isn't it? When we realize this and focus on this, everything can change for the better. We may very well be sabotaging on purpose. 

"Either you learn enough to where you want to change,

or you hurt enough to where you have to change."

Align your inner world to the success you want in the...

Feb 19, 2020

Legacy - a word that has different meanings to different people. When you think of your legacy, what does it mean to you? How would you define it? Mark Delaney helps us answer what legacy means and how we can obtain it. 

Listen to this conversation with open ears and an open mind. The gold Mark hands to us may just...

Feb 11, 2020

Stress, overwhelm and burnout - they have ruled the lives of many business owners. I for one had to look into the eyes of burnout and face it head on. Man o' man did I learn some important lessons. 

Listen to my conversation with Sheila Southerland as she takes us on a journey she went on as she reinvented herself....

Feb 4, 2020

We hear every day how video is the key to business growth. Video persuasion is the new frontier for each of us in the world of building trust with an audience that wants to buy from us. It is something we cannot ignore. As a matter of fact, we need to master video. 

Rick Cesari is a direct response video pioneer. He...