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Nov 1, 2018

Patty Denny and her husband own and operate several Auto Collision Centers in the Pacific Northwest. She shares great insight into lessons learned along their journey. Listen for the one thing she would do differently.


Collision Industry Adventure

Patty’s husband has always been in the collision business.  He learned the trade from his father. They recently celebrated their 35th Anniversary in the business, April 1, 2018.  They started with with 1 body chop and grew each year. They are not part of a franchise. Their daughter has been in the collision business with them for the 35 years they have been operating.

“The small businesses had the challenge of competing against the big MSO’s, now we are a bigger force to compete with the franchise.” – Patty Denny


Biggest Challenge

Finding quality and reliable workers has been their biggest challenge.  Patty attributes this to high schools taking out teaching this trade and dad’s aren’t teaching their children anything out in the garage anymore.

“The collision world or any trade that uses their hands and their head is a dying breed.” – Patty Denny


Training Quality People

Patty and her husband are trying to work with vocational schools to help grow young people interested in this field.  Schools are teaching the basics, but they are trying to hone their skills. They will job shadow to garner interest, some businesses will pay for their vocational school to get certified, but the young person must have the desire.

“Vocational schools teach the basics and then they get on-the-job training, especially the technology side; last 20 years our youth have not been getting hands on training like they used too.” – Patty Denny

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