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Everyday Business Leader

Jun 7, 2019

If you want a Master Class in the Business Basics, this conversation is for you! We cover it all with Gerald as he takes us on a journey from mindset to legacy. I am absolutely pumped about this episode. As we will describe further within the episode - it is DOPE!

"Being Brilliant in the basics is what makes any team move from being ok to being elite." - Gerald W Jones II

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Our discussion today included these points and more:

1. Mindset and upbringing.

2. Being conservative but still being an entrepreneur.

3. Teams and performance - focus on the basics.

4. The three basics of small business.

5. Why micromanaging prevents getting the right things done. 

6. How to diagnose issues in your business.

7. Vision and mission can keep your team moving and making decisions. 

8. Exit planning is a necessary responsibility.

9. You will leave a legacy - good or bad. 


and more...

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