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Everyday Business Leader

Feb 13, 2019

Join me in a discussion with Craig Cody, CPA and Certified Tax Coach. It was an enlightening and rewarding conversation. 

When planning your taxes for your business, there is no better time than today! Learn from what you have just experienced from last year's taxes and make positive changes now. Find the right CPA, and be proactive in your approach. 

Our discussion today included these points and more:

1. How being proactive helps your business tax situations.

2. What is the biggest mistake owners make from his CPA point of view.

3. The importance of your business entity.

4. The importance of the what and how of communication. 

5. When to involve your attorney.

6. Taking advantage of the recent tax changes - qualified business deduction. 

7. The relationship with your CPA and what you should expect.

8. The 10 biggest mistakes that cost business owners thousands. 

9. Bookkeepers vs. CPA's - why each has their proper place in working with your business.

10. How to get a free resource from Craig. 

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