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Everyday Business Leader

Mar 2, 2020

Do you have beliefs that need to be broken so you can find the breakthrough that you need so you can meet your purpose in life? Listen in to Greg Yates' story to find out how a super 'successful' guy had to be broken to find his true breakthrough. 

"I needed the business more than the business needed me." Greg Yates

Greg had up to 14 companies at one time. He even retired at 37 and contemplated his future. He got busy again and by the world's definition was super successful. 

"Everything in my life is taking me where God intended me to go." Greg Yates

After being incarcerated and hitting the proverbial rock bottom, his beliefs were broken wide open. He has diligently and intentionally rebuilt proper beliefs. Listen in and find out how. 

He is now helping the world through his mess turned into a message. I know he has impacted me in a positive way. He may just strike a cord with you as well. Listen to his powerful story. 

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