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Dec 12, 2018

Dan Miller is the founder of 48 days and the author of 48 Days to the Work You Love. Along with being a successful entrepreneur, Dan is a Dad, Husband and Grandfather of an amazing family. Listen to his journey and how he built a business from a simple idea that served others. He has inspired me for years.


Dan Miller-Loving What You Do

Dan loves what he does everyday.  He looks forward to Monday mornings and surrounds himself with people who compliments his skills.  Dan has always been an entrepreneur and started his business 48 Days after he went through difficult financial time.  He found himself teaching sunday school with his wife about the transitions in life and the class just exploded with members.  This is what triggered the start of his business.

“It’s not like I sat down and created a business plan for what I’m doing, it just kind of evolved right under my feet.” – Dan Miller


Transitioning to Charging

Dan’s father was a pastor and he found himself challenged when transitioning to a business that monetized.  Dan was of the mindset that he was volunteering his time in sunday school and people would see him in a different light if he began to charge.  This was not the case and instead it gave his business credibility as he started to coach CEOs of large companies and Nashville celebrities. Dan also invests in himself and continues his learning and personal development.

“I have a formula that I recommend to people invest 3-5% of their income back into personal development.” – Dan Miller


New Possibilities and Opportunities

Dan realized that you don’t always need the traditional kind of logistics to start a business.  When Dan went through his horrendous business disaster it opened his eyes to many different possibilities.  Dan approached the different ways you could expand a business by writing books, creating a course or giving a seminar.  

“When I was freed from what I built that appeared to be a disaster, it opened my eyes.” – Dan Miller


High Level Mastermind

Dan has always been part of a group of guys that shared ideas during a mastermind.  He decided that he would start his own and started a high level personal mastermind and opened it up to invited friends.  Dan now has opened an online community and intends to grow it to 2,500 members. At $36 per month, Dan will be making roughly $1,000,000.  His business is always evolving and this is essential to Dan’s success. He is always building business and looking four years out.

“The worst thing for me is to get a business that is predictably successful and requires no new energy on my part. ” – Dan Miller


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