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Jan 2, 2019

Tracey Osborne is the CEO of Daring Woman, Inc. Listen to the story Tracey shares in this episode and how she found her purpose. She has been and continues upon an extraordinary journey. Check out the website for more information as well.  You will hear about her business journey and how she was a typical corporate employee that moved into entrepreneurship for some life events, particularly to stay home with children and how that has spurred more entrepreneurial events in her life.  Tracey is now transitioning into a new business today and you'll learn about how her great vision is starting to manifest itself into a wonderful business. Enjoy the journey.


Tracey Osborne-Entrepreneurial Journey

Tracey actually started her entrepreneur journey when she was 18, trying to sell avon, but the past decade she has been a virtual assistant. Tracey didn't think she knew what she was doing, but she had the resources and the people that she could reach out to for help.  Prior to that, Tracey was a vice president for a small finance company. It was just Tracey and the owner.

We're really good friends and everything and it really taught me how to network because I had to, he just kind of threw me to the sharks one day and said, hey I'm, I have to go to this luncheon but I can't make it so I need you to go for me.” – Tracey Osborne


New Venture

Tracey was experiencing a lack of joy with her job so she started doing some google research on a Saturday about virtual assisting. She then built a websites and by Monday her business was born.  Her networking background enabled her to start telling some other really big networking people about her new business and within just a couple of months she was able to give notice at her job and she’s been home ever since.

I am the cream of the crop now, but there was just so much to learn and my clients were all wonderful over the past 10 years, you know, they've taught me about business, they've taught me about softwares that I didn't know when and things like that. And so I was able to become one of the top virtual assistants in the industry before I decided to shut it down. So you did that business for how many years I did it for 10 years. – Tracey Osborne


New Business Venture

In July of 2017, Tracey had nagging voice saying that she needed to be doing something more. Tracy did not want to do business plans so she had to work her way through her business.  She finally figured out that her business was a social impact organization that harnesses the power of media in order to help women find their voice and become unstoppable.

So we just launched the first magazine. The print version is at the printer, but the digital digital version is up and we're already working on the next three, four issues. So I am really, really excited about it. It's a lot of fun and a lot of, I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but we're going to figure this out, which is probably my favorite way to think.” – Tracey Osborne


Challenges of Starting a Business

One challenge that Tracey faced was trying to start her business alone. She didn't really have too many people to talk to and she had to call all her clients and cut down her workload. She no longer had the money to hire a coach, which is what she really needed.  The challenge continued until Tracey was able to start bringing on some team members to help her out. She’s a survivor of domestic abuse, has been homeless and has her own story. Tracey wants this story to help somebody else who can't speak yet to the things that they might be alone and don’t know where to turn.

So by connecting these women through the blog for the magazine, through my podcast, we just launched an online community for women at By connecting these women, we can now come together and support one another and help these, help these women who need to know that they're not alone. It needs to know that there's light at the end of the tunnel and need to know that there is somebody out there who has their back.” – Tracey Osborne

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