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Everyday Business Leader

Nov 7, 2018

Brian McRae is a networking and relationship expert. He is a man of integrity and faith. He will walk you through how he identified a new business opportunity by taking action to grow his original business.


Business Background

Marc currently is a straight commissioned employee of a local community based bank that does nationwide lending on the residential side.  As part of his job he must build relationships and bring clients to the bank. In doing so, Brian became passionate about helping others and focuses on the concepts of studying, practicing and teaching.


Building a Coaching & Consulting Business

Marc built a coaching and consulting business derived from his first business that was based around influence.  He created Mastermind St. Louis, a networking event that discusses various topics in personal leadership, productivity and referral marketing.

“I love sharing, I love teaching; it’s really a coaching type event.” – Brian McRae


Need for Quality

Working  at a stable company and in the mortgage space for 16 years, Marc has a real passion for helping people with their mortgage needs.  He was surprised by the need for good quality representation in a community.

“Providing good quality information that keeps them coming back; attendees were eating up the material and that fulfilled that need.” – Brian McRae


A Growing Business

Marc’s Mastermind St. Louis began to grow.  He started with 15 members and now has 280 members.  As the event grew, people wanted to start reserving seats and sponsoring the event.  Marc and his team run 11 events a year on the 3rd Thursday of every month taking off December.

“Running an event that is changing the way that business is done in that community; it’s being done in an authentic way with a giving heart.” – Brian McRae

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