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Everyday Business Leader

Oct 24, 2018

Business Owner Freedom is a weekly podcast for created for small business owners.  Some of the podcasts are interviews and a portion are topic based.  We invite you to join us weekly to obtain multiple points of view. If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at  


Small Business Platform

Gregory Gray left the corporate world to start a consulting adventure.  Gray Solutions LLC creates a platform for the small business owner. Small business owners don’t have the time or resources that the big businesses do; hence the need for small business owners to garner and share knowledge with those businesses similar in size and resources.  


Attributes of a Successful Business

Business Owner Freedom will take you on a journey to share the attributes of a successful business.  They will focus on vision, people, processes and even profits. The end result is to provide clarity so the overwhelming chaos is decimated and freedom is clear.

“We want to provide freedom; freedom of time, freedom of money, and even freedom of purpose..” – Gregory Gray


Goals of Business Owner Freedom

In order to help you achieve success, Business Owner Freedom has the following goals:

  1. Tools
  2. Resources
  3. Inspiration

“Focus on running the business instead of the business running you.” – Gregory Gray

To hear more about Business Owner Freedom and to join other small business owners on their journey, download and listen to the episode!


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