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Everyday Business Leader

Jan 9, 2019

Business Owner Freedom is a weekly podcast for created for small business owners.  Some of the podcasts are interviews and a portion are topic based.  We invite you to join us weekly to obtain multiple points of view. If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at  Today is a solo cast entitled Isolation is the Enemy.


What is Isolation

Isolation can be described as solitude, being alone, being cut off (just to mention a few).  Gregory explains the reasons many of us allow this to happen in our lives during this episode.  As someone who works with business owners, Gregory sees many of the struggles they are experiencing and that they often try to handle on their own and become isolated.  Business owners need to step out and get out from behind those things that cause them to be isolated. Be involved in a mastermind of business owners to network and share the daily struggles and gain advice.

“It can be said that isolation is the enemy of improvement; it can also be said that isolation is the enemy of excellence; it can also be said that isolation is the enemy of growth; and it can also be said that isolation is the enemy of healing.” – Gregory Gray


Eliminate the Isolation Points in Your Life

Gregory advises business owners to hire a business coach, hire a smart and capable CPA that understands your business and hire an attorney to have at your disposal to answer your questions so you don’t make mistakes.  These things alone will fasttrack your business in more ways than you can imagine. Joining a mastermind group also helps from being isolated.

“I am part of a mastermind group that has taken me to the next level; it is called ISI or Iron Sharpens Iron and is a men’s based mastermind group from all walks of life and we meet weekly.  If you are interested in this mastermind you can go to and Aaron Walker is the gentleman who runs this group.” – Gregory Gray


Step Out of Your Isolation

Finding those people who will look you in the eye and tell you that you are going in the wrong direction in your business and discuss the reasons why and what else might be beneficial is crucial for business owners.  Mastermind colleagues will challenge you and affirm you.

“I am asking you to step out of your isolation.  Look for a mastermind group. Look for a group of friends to be your virtual board of directors to run things by in your business.” – Gregory Gray



You need to surround yourself with people you can trust.  People who will tell you the truth and help you when needed.  People you can confide in and help you steer your business in the right direction.  Look for the right fit in a mastermind and take your relationships to the next level.

“There is no better friend than one that will tell you the truth.” – Gregory Gray

If you have questions for us, you can submit those via email to  You can also go to\mastermind if you are interested in joining a mastermind of like-minded business owners.  Enjoy the Journey!

To hear more about Gregory Gray’s business insight, download and listen to the episode!


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