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Everyday Business Leader

Feb 22, 2019

Business Owner, do you ever wonder if you are in the right business, or why you chose to be a business owner at all. If so, listen in as you might find some gold nuggets to help you start the process of figuring this out for your self. 

Join Victor Hallock and me as we discuss in a live and unscripted coaching format his desire to transition his business focus and his life. 

We covered several topics including...

1. VISION STORY and the importance of starting here.

2. What he learned from his past business.

3. How to determine where he wants and needs to go next in his journey.

4. What are the critical next action steps.

5. What skills he needs to master.

6. And much more...

We will follow up with him in a year to see his progress and if he agrees in a few weeks or so to see what details he determines fit his vision. 



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