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Jul 31, 2019

Meg Brunson is not only creative, she is a Facebook expert that teaches us today how to get started with Facebook. Even if you do not want to do this yourself (I know I don't), it still pays to learn so you can be sure the team you hire is doing it the best way for your business success. Listen in as she carries us from an elementary understanding to a solid way to run ads for your business. I really enjoyed this conversation and am implementing what I learned today!

And oh by the way, she used to work at Facebook :) 

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Our discussion today included these points and more:

1. The three Big Steps to Facebook Ads

2. What qualifies a warm audience. 

3. To boost or not to boost. Be aware of the blue button.

4. The big difference between Google and Facebook. 

5. The details on how to test ads.

6. How to split test at the campaign level. 

7. The three types of ads we should be running.

and so much more... 

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