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Dec 5, 2018

Aaron Walker, Big A, is a 39 year entrepreneur, business owner, Dad and Husband. He leads a group of men in a Mastermind called ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron). As author of View from the Top, he outlines his journey in this episode.  


Aaron Walker-God, Character and Integrity

Aaron grew up in a very poor household but his dad taught Aaron about character and integrity.  Aaron started working in a pawn shop at 13 years old. At age 18 Aaron approached two men with money and proposed that they open a pawn shop together and they formed a business.  God blessed the business fourfold and Aaron eventually sold his business and was retired at 27 years old.

“I go back and bought the pawn shop I started with, we spent 10 years building it up to four times the size it was.” – Aaron Walker


Pivotal Moment in Life

Aaron’s life came to an abrupt halt when he struck a pedestrian crossing the street with his car and killed him.  Aaron was devastated. He took five years off after selling the business again and went to counseling and surrounded himself with accountability partners and coaching.  Dan Miller talked him into coaching and Dave Ramsey invited him to come do EntreLeadership Master Series. Aaron loved this and branched out on his own.

“About five years ago I started View From The Top and God has just blessed that.” – Aaron Walker


Significant and Successful

Aaron prayed for guidance from God and began to look outward to enable him to help others.  He found that the more significant that he was with others the more successful he has become.  Aaron found that he could be significant and successful.

“How to live a successful and significant life.” – Aaron Walker


Having a Growth Mindset

Aaron wants everyone to be encouraged to have a can do attitude.  With education, training and a growth mindset. Don’t live a life of being afraid.  Eliminate the fear in your life and you will be successful.

“Don’t ever measure yourself against anybody else because you will always be sorely disappointed; do your own thing, stay in your own lane and do what you’re called to do.” – Aaron Walker


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