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Everyday Business Leader

Jul 17, 2019

Matthew Bivens and I go deep but in a fun way. It is a wonderful conversation that did me as much good the first time as it did the second and third time I listened to it. This is one you will want to share with others! It will challenge you and uplift you all at the same time. 

"Being intentional on what you want to experience." - Matthew Bivens

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Our discussion today included these points and more:

1.  Finding your purpose.

2. Defining success.

3. Your small "s" and big "S" successes.

4. What ALL means.

5. The 6F's - and you have heard my five F's before.

6. Is balance possible?

7. Are you personally accountable?

8. What does it mean to keep your agreements?

9. Being intentional in your experiences.

and so much more... 

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Books Mentioned on the show:

1. The One Thing by Keller

2. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Covey

3. QBQ! The Question Behind the Question (not mentioned but on the subject) by John G. Miller

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