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Everyday Business Leader

Oct 25, 2019

Tom Libelt tells us why we shouldn't be listening to the experts with regards to our marketing. Specifically, he means a platform expert. As Tom is an expert of sorts in the industry, he shows us how to choose the right channel for our business. I found this conversation very helpful.

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Oct 18, 2019

We speak with Andy Paul about how to serve others through selling. We even discuss a movie about selling and a book he recommends. We discuss the BALD Formula and the MICE Formula as well. Listen in and learn how those of us who don't like to sell can actually do so without 'selling'.


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Oct 11, 2019

Derek Champagne speaks with us about telling our story and finding our identity. He is a creative guy using his fabulous skills building businesses and nuturing people. 

We talk about building a legacy and living our real value among other things. We also reference some great books and other resources. Check out the...

Oct 4, 2019

Michelle Williams, Founder of Scarlet Thread Consulting and a Profit First Certified Coach, takes us on a journey of how "owning' your business is the first step to profits. 

"Every choice leads to or away from profitability." - Michelle Williams

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