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Everyday Business Leader

Oct 31, 2018

Business Owner Freedom coaches, educates and inspires CEO's, Executives and Business Owners to achieve freedom of time, money and purpose, while removing chaos and overwhelm from your business. We do this together through focus and clarity on the priorities of a highly developed Vision Story and Strategy. Together, we will build an incredible culture, dynamic leaders and powerful teams. We also systematize the business through processes to create sustainability. The end result is a predictable and growing business with a lifestyle you desire.  If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at


Defining Culture

When defining culture, Gregory looks at it from the employees and customers perspective as they are defined differently.  Culture encompasses relationships within a business. From the leadership perspective, Gregory challenges the leader by asking if they are intentional about the culture in their business.  He also asks if you talk about the culture and do you have a clear list of values and a vision story that articulates what culture you want for your business.

“Culture is the conscious of your business.” – Gregory Gray


Why Culture is the Big Differentiator

Greg explains through visual examples to show that people and processes are key instruments in your business.  They must work congruently together and both must move in the same direction. As they work together it affects your purpose in business.  Purpose leads to profits and performance.

“You will not achieve your purpose unless your people and processes are working congruently together.” – Gregory Gray


Building an Intentional Culture

Business Owner Freedom focuses on being introspective as a leader.  You can change the culture of any business by setting your vision story and asking your team to uncover your blind spots as their leader.  Gregory also challenges listeners to take action by asking yourself as a leader the following questions:

  1. Do you have regularly established meetings?
  2. Have you asked your people about the culture of your business?
  3. If Gregory Gray were to walk into your business, what do you think he would garner about the culture?

“You’re gonna have a culture whether you work on it or not so you might as well spend a little bit of time and intentional effort and have a great culture.” – Gregory Gray

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