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Everyday Business Leader

Nov 21, 2018

Business Owner Freedom is a weekly podcast for created for small business owners.  Some of the podcasts are interviews and a portion are topic based.  We invite you to join us weekly to obtain multiple points of view. If you have specific questions, please reach out to us at


Business Background

The thought of going and getting a job instead of running your own business is a thought that sometimes crosses a business owner’s mind.  Getting your business where you want to be is finding your way to a freeing lifestyle.

“Sometimes you hear the acronym J.O.B.-just over broke.” – Gregory Gray


Exciting and Rewarding

Remember your purpose of starting a business and why you made that decision.  Reflect on how you arrived at that decision and what spurred you to go out on your own.  The majority of millionaires come from being business owners.


“Being a business owner is exciting, it is rewarding.” – Gregory Gray


Vision Story

Those individuals that want to start a business are coached by Greg’s to create a vision story and decide what your ultimate goal.  Determine the style of business you want to run, the size of the business, and how the business will affect your family. Decisions need to be made on the front end.

“Structure your business around what you enjoy.” – Gregory Gray


A Growing Business

Greg talks about how to structure your business whether you want to be in your business daily or have someone else run your business.  The culture is also part of your vision. Having a clear vision will change your business and your life.

“Take specific actions, intentional actions towards your vision.” – Gregory Gray


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