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Everyday Business Leader

Nov 28, 2018

Eric Poulin is a business owner, faith filled Dad and husband along with being an entrepreneur. Listen to his story for why he describes persistence as the key.


Eric Poulin-Excitement for Life and Business

Eric’s entrepreneurial experience started with his business venture by mowing yards. He always knew he wanted to be in business for himself.  He now has his own business in the construction industry.

“I’m alive in 2018, I live in in the United State of America and I get to try new things almost everyday with my children and my wife through the margin of being a business owner.” – Eric Poulin


Why Construction?

Eric’s family was in the contracting business and he had been around it most his life.  His first experience on his own was a trash out on a foreclosure for a realtor. Eric spent 2 weeks cold calling in Nashville.

“It wasn’t long before I had more work than I know what to do with.” – Eric Poulin


The Use of Technology

Making it easy for your clients is essential.  Eric was young and worked hard. He edged out his competitors by using technology.  There were still companies in the business faxing proposals and Eric used software to communicate with his clients which differentiated his business positively from others.

“I was young enough not to be afraid of technology and used it for my benefit.” – Eric Poulin


Perplexing Challenges

The biggest challenge Eric faced was surrounding himself with crews that clients needed.  He went through many crews before they found the right guys to work with that would provide for their clients.

“Surrounding yourself with the right people is key and is very difficult at first.” – Eric Poulin

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