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Business Owner Freedom

Jan 23, 2019

Allison De Paoli is a problem solver extraordinaire. She resides in and works from the great city of San Antonio. She has worked for over 25 years in the health benefits space as a consultant and advisor. In our conversation she helps us, Small Business Owners, understand how to navigate the decisions around providing Quality Care to our employees.  


“You want to take care of your employees....and you need to control your costs.” – Allison De Paoli


If you are considering health insurance for your team or if you need to investigate affordable options, if you are currently providing benefits, this is a must listen to episode. 

What You will Discover

1. How you start the process of getting Health Insurance for your employees while controlling costs. 
2. Basic steps for forming a new group.
3. Understand the benefits of a group plan for your employees.
4. What you need to consider if you currently have a plan and need to cut cost.
5. Where a business owner should start and how to find a proper advisor in the quality care field. 
6. Get an inside look at how a business advisor works and how engaging with one may help you get quality care and reduce costs. 
7. Data - who owns the data and why it is important.
8. Understand the benefits advantage roadmap and some of the tools they recommend.
9. Level funding proposal - what it is and how it works. 
10. Definitions of key terms.
11. Self Funded vs. Fully Funded




To hear more from Allison,  download and listen to the episode!

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