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Everyday Business Leader

Jun 21, 2019

In our conversation, Shannon Miles takes me on the journey from start up to CEO. She is the CEO of Belay Solutions and Co-Founder, along with her husband Bryan. They have been on a nine year journey together filled with doubt, growth and major success. If you have not heard the Belay story, listen in as you will learn so many keys to grow your business and yourself. 

"The day the business doesn't need you, then you own it." said per Jeff to Bryan, in a story Shannon shares with us. 

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Our discussion today included these points and more:

1. The three year start.

2. Why they use the term "team member".

3. Mindset of transitioning to business ownership.

4. Intentionally developing leaders is a key to growth.

5. How feeling inadequate can drive you, and it's normal.

6. Continual Learning.

7. Introspective work.

8. Balancing priorities.

9. Leaders must model self care.

and so much more... 

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